Thursday, 27 March 2014

Moments with Levi

Hi!  :D 

My baby is 16! :o 
But I'm still young. I'm still young. I'm still young. 
(If you say it enough, you'll believe it and make it come true! ;o)

For the past four years, Levi has held the offices of Deacon and a Teacher in the Priesthood. Now that he is 16 and worthy, he has been ordained a PRIEST, and now blesses the sacrament at church! :D (FYI - "Priest" is an office of the Priesthood which has certain responsibilities;(click here if you want to know more about what this means and what his duties have been and are now)...

...6 months ago, but right here handy! ;)
Levi is so faithful about serving... I'm SO TOTALLY PROUD OF HIM! (I don't say that to brag, and I don't take the credit; he just came that way - blame God! ;) This kid is a great example of what comes of a kid who truly loves the Lord. :) 

So far, Levi is also staying true to his word that he will "never be a rebellious teenager!" :) 

But he is still my baby... And every now and then I tell him something... ahem... absolutely ridiculous and unnecessary. 

It's rather embarrassing, really. But here I go again, telling the world about another one of my "blond moments!" :o It's worth it, so you can enjoy Levi's response... ;)

Levi: Mom, I'm done using your computer. Do you want me to leave it on or shut it down?"

Me/Mom ;0: "Yes... Make sure to shut it down 'properly'."

A couple minutes later Levi walks over to where I am sitting and leans over to get down on my level, with a serious expression on his face...

Levi: "Mom, just to make sure... " (he gives a questioning look here) "to shut down the computer 'properly,' I just kick it over and over again..." (he then begins to motion kicking something, over and over again) "until it shuts off... right?" (still looking serious - great acting!)

I laughed so hard! :D

Well, back to work for me. I'm busy cleaning out my bedroom closet and praying for the insight and strength to know what I don't need so I can get rid of it. Wish me luck! 

PS. Levi and one of his best friends (Jarom) are planning to ask a couple girls to double date with them... now that they are both old enough to group date. :) Gosh I love these sweet boys! :D

Corine :D

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  1. Well, there is shutting down the computer to turn it off and there is shutting down the computer to just put it to sleep. Maybe you were just saying you wanted it turned off? ;-)


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