Friday, 28 March 2014

What the Old Testiment Stories Are Teaching Me...

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I started reading the Old Testament again recently, and am reading Genesis for the second time this year. As I have read these stories - my mind has been in awe - repeatedly - over the examples of great faith shown.

I pondered over the many stories I read thus far - and prayed and wondered,


Why these stories?

For what purpose did the Lord have these specific stories written as scripture?

What does the Lord desire for me to learn or become from feasting on them?

I'm sure this isn't the only answer, but the first thing that came to my mind as I meditated upon these questions today, is the first principle of the gospel of Jesus Christ - Faith in Jesus Christ. - 

It makes sense, that the first thing the Lord taught His children here on Earth, even through Prophets and Apostles as recorded in scripture, is the principle of Faith in Jesus Christ...

Now... I have had MANY experiences (and beautiful blessings) in my life, as a result of faith... sometimes of great faith... And I learned and grew from these, as well as from the scriptures.

I have learned that when I listen to the lord and obey His counsel - He prospers my way and I am kept safe until my mission on Earth is finished.

I have also learned and grown from moments in which my faith could have been stronger...

There have been times in which I experienced great stress and worry; which I now see as a result of having lacked a certain amount of faith. Reading these scriptures again now is having a greater impact on me than it ever did before. It is changing me. So that I too, am blessed with a desire for, and for greater faith in Jesus Christ...

PS. What if - the reason - God spoke to Abraham and his son Isaac, and his grandson Jacob (Israel)... and blessed all of Abraham's posterity through the house of Israel, is because of their great faith in Him?

Abraham, who was told to sacrifice Isaac, then stopped by an angel and given a ram to sacrifice;

Isaac, who trusted the lord and his father and allowed himself to be bound and sacrificed (and was then saved by an angel);

Again, Isaac, who trusted both the lord and his father's servant to go to his father's land, and depend upon the Lord to guide the servant to find and bring back a wife for him to love;

Jacob, who also traveled to a well in his fathers' land... to, with the help of the lord, find a wife for himself; and who later talked with God and was told that his name should be changed to Israel...

And let's remember the woman who had the faith to be the wives to these men they did not know and go to another land away from their families: Rebekah and Rachel; and Sarah, who had the faith to conceive in her old age!

These three prophets and their wives showed us by example, that faith leads a person to action.

Faith leads one to trust and obey the lord, no matter what.

And if one truly trusts the lord, he will believe that even if a command from the Lord seems like the outcome will be terrible... even when it is painful, and difficult, and may even seem impossible to obey, the Lord has a righteous plan, and the outcome is always better when one obeys the Lord. :)

*In the end, those who truly trust the lord demonstrate their faith in Him by obeying His Commandments and counsel...

And the greater their faith, the less time they will waste debating or doubting... :)

Corine :D

Personal Application:

-What has the lord counseled ME to do, that I still have not obeyed?

-Do I act without hesitance, nothing doubting?

...He gave me a plan to help my husband with something very specific. Time to have faith by putting that plan into action.


  1. We read scriptures every day but we have never managed to make it all the way through the Old Testament. Some of those lessons are so hard!

    1. Are you studying it together again with the church? (we are! :) Maybe this year will be your year! This opportunity to read it along with the rest of the church, at home and then again each Sunday - won't come around again for four more years! Whatever you read and how ever you may bounce around through the scriptures thought.. it is so awesome that you read every day!

      Thanks for visiting! :D


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