Monday, 21 April 2014

Amazing Grace (+playlist)

Yesterday was Resurrection Day. :) I love Easter, for the reflection and gratitude it stirs within our hearts, for the love of our Savior and His Atoning Sacrifice for us. And of course, because He overcame death, we too will get to be resurrected! :D

The most beautiful concepts known to man have to include the Resurrection, Grace, and the Atonement. And yet, so many either misunderstand grace entirely, or do not understand it fully. I'm sure there is more to it than I understand, but I am so thankful for my growing understanding that I have and rejoice in it. :)

As I understand it, Grace is more than being forgiven of our sins and being blessed to be resurrected again, though these gifts are beyond huge... Grace is also an "enabling" power that Christ gives to us (according to our faith) so we can have the strength to break out of the chains that keep us bound, no matter what those chains might be. They may be chains of sin, addiction, poverty, sorrow... If there is anything that threatens to hold us down and keep us from moving forward, the grace of God is there to help us to progress, overcome, change ourselves or our circumstances for the better, and keep moving forward. Grace is there to make bad men good, and good men better. :)

Grace is also there to help us to find joy in our journey through life - even while in the midst of circumstances which are not in our control to change. It can help us to patiently, and cheerfully endure well... to submit to whatever God sees fit to allow us to go through.

As I apply these principles to my own life, I am finally learning from my own challenges and experiences... If my circumstances are my responsibility to change and I have faith in Jesus Christ, His grace gives me power/strength to change it. If it is the responsibility of another, His grace gives me patience and peace of mind, to be able to be happy and experience joy... regardless of circumstances.

Great examples of these principles are given in the scriptures, and in the following talks about Grace and the Atonement...

In the Strength of the Lord - Elder Bednar - in which we learn about not only the "redeeming" but also the "enabling" powers of the Atonement of Jesus Christ - to help us to change, improve, become better... This talk is a MUST read/hear; it is absolutely fabulous! (Thank you to Brother Zaug for speaking from this talk in Sacrament on Easter Sunday! :D)

His Grace is Sufficient - Another amazing speech about grace, given by Brad Wilcox at a BYU Devotional on July 12, 2011. This talk as famous. Click on the following links for  Script, or Video or you can watch it here, from you-tube...

These are the testimonies that I leave with you today... That He lives, and He loves us all. And His grace is sufficient for all, regardless of circumstances.

I know, I said I was going to write more about family, and I still will! :) But with Easter and all the joy that comes from all that we celebrate on this beautiful day, I just have to write about grace and the Atonement, first. :)

I am SO THANKFUL to our Savior Jesus Christ for all he has done for us! I pray that we will all remember how much he loves us, and that we will allow Him to help us, to make ourselves better. The greatest joys in my life have ALWAYS come through the Grace and Atonement of Jesus Christ.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Corine :D

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