Saturday, 12 April 2014

Blond Moment #Egotistical

HI. :) It is 1 something AM. And I just got done visiting with a friend from out of town (Hi Kathy! :) But I will just have to write and tell you about one of my "blond moments" which I told my friend about. (Do you ever have those? Moments when you just let the obvious go unseen, and you have to blame it on your blond hair? ;) I do! Anyhow... Kathy agreed that I should write about the one I told her, so here I am! :)

Recently I was adding to the "About Me" page (here on this blog) a short list of characteristics about myself, when I suddenly realized that almost everything I was writing was positive

I thought I should write some negatives, too, so I started to think about what to write, but nothing came to mind. :o Really! Now I know there are plenty of negative things to say about myself, so this really took me by surprise; honestly! Was I so arrogant and egotistical that my mind couldn't admit to myself what my weaknesses are? :o

Since I was having trouble with this, I asked my husband: "Miles, tell me something about myself that is a negative or weakness."

"There are no negatives about you."

"Oh, come on Miles, that's ridiculous. Tell me some things that I should work on or some weaknesses that I have."

"There isn't anything you need to work on. You're perfect." (You can just imagine a big smile here coming from Mr. Charming...)

About this time, I"m getting really frustrated with myself, because I really need help thinking of some things to add to this list to balance it out! But he does make me laugh with his sweet exaggerations. :)

I laughed...  ~ "Come on Miles, help me out here!"

Finally, after a bit of silence and a short sigh he responds...

"You can be too analytic... Sometimes you just analyze things too much."

In case you are as blond as I was (;0)... I thought he was telling me that it would take over analyzing to pinpoint my flaw, so I quickly responded, 

"Miles, come on... pl -"

Suddenly the light bulb went on! :o He was telling me that analyzing myself was one of my weaknesses! :o

I suddenly paused (and blushed)...

" - Oh. Thanks..." :o ~ 

So there you have it... That is how "Analytical, proud, arrogant, and egotistical got to be on that list. But I don't want to be that way, so I wrote them like this: 

-Analytical (sometimes too analytic), proud, egotistical... ;0 (there are negatives and weaknesses about me, but I like to think that I will overcome them, so I try to remember and focus on the positive. ;D)

Sometimes it just helps to have a little bit of a BIG sense of humor.

PS. I hope you have an easier time listing your positives than your negatives!

Have a great day!
Corine :D


  1. Corine is anything but proud, arrogant, egotistical... However I think when she over analyses things it can take some of the fun out of her life by worrying about things that do not need to be worried about. I on the other hand need to analyze things more... so we are a good balance for each other. I really do think she has few if any flaws... she is wonderful :)

    1. There you go again, Miles... stroking my ego! ;) ~ Oh, how I hope you are right! I do know you are right about me needing to not over analyze. Thank you for your unfailing encouragement and belief in me!!! YOU are a great blessing to me, Miles. :D


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