Saturday, 12 April 2014

I Gotta Tell You, It's Been a Great Week! :D

I am beaming with joy right now - so I just have to write! :D Several good things have taken place. It has been a great week! Here is a small list of experiences I am thankful for... :)

We have a guest in our home! A very nice and decent young man who is really growing on me FAST! :) (last night I just HAD to give him a hug before retiring to bed). He is a senior in high school who needed a place to stay for at least a short while. I will admit, since we had only met him once and therefore didn't know him, etc., I was nervous about it at first. A couple things helped... First, I read a quote...
"Who is not afraid of pure space - that breathtaking empty space of an open door? But despite fear, one goes through to the room beyond.' -Anne Morrow Lindbergh"
A feeling of peace flooded over me as I realized that I was not alone in my feelings, that this anxiety did not stem from a wrong decision, or from personal inadequacy that a somehow more competent person in this situation wouldn't feel; but rather, I was feeling what anyone feels when faced with an open door that has never been stepped through before...  I was simply feeling fear of the unknown. 

Further comfort came as I also thought of the fact that even though the future is unknown to me, it is not unknown to our Father in Heaven, and He gave me a peaceful feeling that this is a good choice, and that I need not worry about the future. I had a renewed feeling that Heavenly Father is aware of me and my family and what was happening in our lives...

Anxiety quickly fled. In it's place a new desire and feeling developed... to love and care for him like I love and care for my own... :)

He has only been with us for a few days, but already, I really do like him! As a mutual friend to us both (Dakota) assured me, "as soon as you start to get to know him you will realize what a good person he is and you won't worry at all." Our friend was right. I'm so thankful!!! :D

Other news...

Levi - just started a new job! :D Our precious friend, Yulia, put in a good word for him and surprised him with an interview. He is quite happy about it, and I love that he is so independent about getting himself to work and back. On the first day I drove him so he would not be late, telling him to time himself walking home so he would know how long it would take to walk there in the future. Ironically, I didn't know my husband was letting the gas tank dry up to do some work on the truck; we ran out of gas on the way there and he had to run part way and got there late. :o Thankfully, his new boss had a sense of humor about it. Yeah! :D Though unplanned, I think this experience taught Levi a couple important lessons... Be self sufficient and leave early! ;D

I updated my "Intro to Me" page on my blog. AND I made some other minor changes on my blog as well... width, banner size, etc. I really should have done that BEFORE showing by blog on FB. Oh well. 

By the way,
I'm so excited to get back into blogging! :D

General Conference was GREAT! I will have to write one more post about it - just to give a brief summary of one thing I personally appreciate hearing from each talk. More to come on that...

Miles and I took Devry to the bus station to go visit friends for a week. We miss him. :o Oh well... I'm so happy for him to get to visit such close friends (second family)! Besides, after Miles and I took him to the bus station in Spokane, we got to go walk around at River Front Park (only one of my FAVORITE places in the world). That made the trip to Spokane extra fun! :D

I have also had visitors in my home (friends really do make life worth living! :). Earlier this week Dakota came and visited with our family and our new friend who is now staying with us. We hung out and talked, then watched Studio C together. It was so much fun! :D Then last night my friend, Marcia and her family joined us for dinner. And, I had a sudden unexpected guest at my door from out of town... my dear friend Kathy who was a neighbor to us before we moved here over a decade ago! I feel so blessed! :) I love my friends! :D

Spring is here! 

Miles and I are getting lots of work done!

Miles had a job interview - and enjoyed it! :) We pray for good news on this subject in the coming two weeks...

Life is good. 

Enough rambling for today...
Love you all! :)

PS. Here is a sweet video that I recently found that made me cry. 
I hope you Enjoy! :D

Corine :D


  1. Hi! Found you randomly, but interested in visiting your site! Sounds like you have been blogging longer than I have. You have an interesting journey! I hope to learn more! I started blogging in Nov 2013 and am trying to learn all I can and connect with other bloggers. Hope to visit again soon! :-)

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I am also interested in connecting with other bloggers and would love to get to know you through blogging! :D I checked out your blog and am impressed. The theme is fabulous! I have a young adult daughter who just started writing a book about the value of women, especially in the Lord's eyes (or something to that effect - so far anyhow; she just started writing it a few days ago). I think she will really like your blog, as do I. Please come back again anytime! :D


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