Wednesday, 16 April 2014

It is a Beautiful Rainy Day! :D

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Hi. :)

It is a cold, rainy, grey day...

Earlier today, the rain seemed to be
affecting my mood. :o

The pilot was out. I was cold.
My husband was out of the house
 - and I missed him.  :(

But now... :D 

The pilot is lit.
The house is warm.
My husband is home...
I have a husband who loves me. :D

Miles and I have kids who get along well and who make us smile. :D
We have a car with windows that roll up and keep the rain out. And with a working heater.
My family may have gotten a bit bored today with the rainy weather - but we are at peace. :)

This evening, as the rain comes down outside our bedroom window - my husband and I have enjoyed sitting side by side on computers next to each other - working on our business together. We have always enjoyed working together, even when we do different tasks and are simply in the same room or building together! :) Honestly, I LOVE that man! I love the way we both really enjoy working side by side... the way we both BEAM with happiness - just because we get to be together! :D ~ I AM a blessed woman!

Corine :D


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