Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Church on Easter Sunday - Learning How Grace Applies to My Life

Before writing, I'd like to share with you a beautiful song. You can listen to it while you read if you want to... :)

Church service on Sunday was wonderful! :) I felt SO GOOD... so at peace and happy while there. And I learned some things! :D I really felt like Heavenly Father was bringing together in my mind the patches of a beautiful intellectual quilt – blessing me to understand MY OWN LIFE and helping me to apply the principle of grace in my own life and in the life of my husband.

Miles learned too. :D Two things really stood out to us...

Item #1. The Lord wants us to pray to have the tools we need to change our own circumstances, rather than praying for him to change our circumstances. This is what grace is about. As stated in the last post, we all know that Grace makes forgiveness, redemption, and resurrection, all possible. But how often do we remember that as amazing and wonderful as these blessings are, grace doesn't stop there... Grace is also there to “empower” us... to give us the tools we need to change our own circumstances!

Item #2. Sometimes, a circumstance is not ours to change, or is something we must go through for our eternal progression.

At these times, the Lord desires for us to “be willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict.” Mosiah 3:19 Grace gives me the courage to be refined and the strength to submit...

For me right now, this also means to “lay aside the things of the world, and seek for the things of a better.” D&C 25:10

Item number two has been the case for me with the challenge of income not being quite what we think it should be. For many years, it has been a repeated experience for me to desire to act, to improve certain circumstances, only to be told by the Lord to let my husband worry about that, and to instead focus more on improving circumstances in the areas which he directs me to focus on.

As the kids grow older my duties expand; I must put first things first and do these things in wisdom and in order. I must be willing to prioritize and "lay aside the things of the world..." Grace gives me the courage to put first things first...

I can work more, now that my children are older, and to also find a way to help people with their health (for money, too!), but as I expand my activities, I must not add too much; I need to focus on family, friends, and service. The Lord desires that I have time for - “things of a better.” 

It is in those moments of clarity from the lord that I am at peace and move forward with faith. Sunday placed me there again, and this time I also received understanding along with the prompting... :)

I am so excited to better understand why I should be doing what I should be doing, and to finally let go of letting the world (and sometimes friends and family) convince me that I need to go get another job. At this time in my life, helping my husband with his business and doing some nutrition counseling are enough! TODAY - I don't need any other job. I need to do these things... the things which the Lord has revealed to me that I need to do, like continuing to care for my family, and His children. I need to focus on family, friends, and service. The things He desires of me, are “things of a better.” 

For just a moment, I must tell you this... I am SO THANKFUL to Heavenly Father for allowing us to experience struggles, (even though they are not quite over and I only feel that they will soon end but do not know for certain when or how). Struggles don't take away happiness. We have a peaceful home, and that is worth more than any amount of money. The challenge of not having a stable, year round income (seasonal work) has allowed me to learn to plan ahead and to live by faith. And I'm thankful for this. It has also given us compassion for others when they lack, and a desire to serve and bless them in their times of need.

I'm also thankful that I got to learn from experience - Life IS beautiful, EVEN WHEN things are not ideal! Grace makes this possible! And so many have it so much harder, but they too are loved of the lord, and their lives are beautiful, too!

Miles and I are both very thankful for the lessons we learn at church and through life. We both feel like the principles taught on Easter Sunday sunk deeper into our minds than ever before; our understanding expanded. :) And with that understanding comes the empowerment to continue to accomplish more and make life that much better!

I think it is AMAZING that solutions to big problems are usually quite small.

I wonder what will happen as a result of going to church, this one day! I feel really good about this, like it may be a turning point for Miles and I to make more positive changes in our lives; and am so thankful for the gospel and grace of Jesus Christ ,which empower us and give us both patience and the power to improve!

I hope you have an awesome day!
Corine :D

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